Paul sends Timothy out into the world to do his work with the following words: 18I’m passing this work on to you, my son Timothy. The prophetic word that was directed to you prepared us for this. All those prayers are coming together now so you will do this well, fearless in your struggle, keeping a firm grip on your faith and on yourself. After all, this is a fight we’re in.

One thing’s for sure: Timothy was called by God to proclaim his Word in the world. Timothy was young and would experience many things on his journey. Some days things wouldn’t go so well; some days he would be filled with doubts wondering what he was doing. Some days he would receive much more criticism than positive feedback. On those days he needed to hold on to one thing- his calling.

The more he would focus on and live his calling, the stronger the winds would blow. We all know the higher the tree, the stronger the winds up there. That is why Timothy had to be grounded, his roots grown deep into the foundation so that he could remain standing strong in the storms.

Why are some trees blown over in the storm and others not? Normally, trees that have a good root system would remain upright. Timothy had to ensure that his roots were well established. He had to plant himself in God’s words. And then, when it felt as if the wheels were coming off, he had to hold onto the calling spoken over his life.

Abigail’s story (not her real name) is about the storm winds that blew so hard in her everyday life that she was nearly uprooted:
This was not an easy year. I was planning my wedding, had a lot of stress at work, and had to complete my master’s thesis.

Two weeks ago, I called off my wedding. I prayed to God for guidance and through various things that happened He gave me clarity.

God gave me the strength to call off the wedding. I had to adjust my focus and repair my relationship with Him. I focused more on my fiancĂ© – to such an extent that my values and my relationship with God broke down.

It wasn’t easy, but I’m grateful that I could remain true to my calling.

Without realising it, everyday things come between us and God. Without realising it, everyday things come between us and our calling. Slowly but surely our own dreams to come out at the top move in and gradually we shift God to the edge of our lives. We don’t have time. Life becomes chasing after wind and before we know it, the wind uproots our tree and blows it over.

God planted you where you are now. God has beautiful plans for your there. The question is whether you still know what they are? Do you believe that God had a plan for you there? Or have you chosen the way of least resistance and not grown so that the winds don’t blow that badly?

My friend, don’t you want to have another look at your original purpose? Don’t you want to stand up like Timothy and Abigail and do the right thing? Do you believe so strongly in God and your relationship with Him that you won’t allow anything to come between you?