When man’s mind is made perfect, then — and then only — will the body be able perfectly to express itself.

Charles F. Haanel wrote that. And he was right.

Because it all — everything — begins with your mind.


How do you get a perfect mind?

You learn.


How do you learn?

While we learn from experience and teachers, the best way is…

… to read.

Read books. Great books. The best books.

Because you will become what you read.

So find incredible books to read. Continuously feed your mind. Reading is a source of…

… inspiration…

… ideas…

… knowledge…

… entertainment…

… and information.

Don’t get caught up in reading things that do not feed your mind properly. If you whittle away your time by reading slop, then you run the risk of ruining your best and only tool that you have.

That is not to say that you should neglect your entertainment, but let’s face facts, some people only tend to their entertainment wants to the exclusion of everything else. Likewise, while it is fine and well to be informed about current events, there comes a point when getting information (reading newspapers and news blogs) is akin to gossiping. Know the difference.

As a guide for you, here is how you can model your reading habits for peak effect.

Self-Help/Inspiration – 35%

Education/Knowledge – 30%

Newspapers/Information – 15%

Entertainment – 20%

Read books from which you can become educated and inspired.

Biographies and autobiographies will introduce you to people and lives that will inform and inspire. You will see the world in a different way with each person you meet.

When you read history, you will discover that more often than not, truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

And there is so much more…

If you own a business, then read books about, for example, tax methods or marketing.

Are you a writer? Then it would do you well to read books on style.

Brush up your math skills.

What is the nature of quantum reality?

You live in a world where information flows like water. Knowledge pours into your life from every corner. You have…

… libraries…

… the Internet…

… your sundry devices.

Fill your glass with what you desire to learn and know.

As you think, thus you will do.

The brain leads and the body follows.

That should be ingrained into your psyche.

Put it into operation for yourself.

Begin by reading great books.