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 Artistes Producteur: Auteurs-Compositeurs-Interprètes, Labels, DJ’s, Musiciens…
MUSIC CHARTS = International Alliance of Artist’s Producer: Songwriter, Composer, DJ –
Upload open for All INDIE Authors-Composers-Interpreters, Labels, DJ’s, Musicians …

if you want your music appears on this page – IT’S FREE

for this go here SHARE U MUSIC PAGE or click on the Upload button at the top right of this page.

  1. Connect with you soundcloud account,

  2. Choose your track on your soundcloud list = Select sound

    Just respected a maximum of 2 or 3 different postings per week to avoid abuse and stay in full respect. Any spam or abusive rest will be deleted.
  3. Click on SUBMIT & That’s all.

Listeners can also voted for titles posted, shares on networks their favorite titles and this page. for bringing up new music artist.

Thank you all for your participation. Good luck.

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Écoutez les Musiques Partagées – Listen Shared Music – Gratuitement – Free – Soundclound –



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