Nadia (not her real name) tells this story:
I want to witness about God’s change in our place of work.

On 1 April 2017, I started as supervisor in a new subdivision. This subdivision was going through a difficult period due to sensitive enquiries in the public service.

The first day that I called a meeting in the new subdivision, the oldest woman there asked if she could ask something. “May we please start by reading from the Bible and praying. Every week.” Please note: our division was multi-cultural.

So I called the others and every one welcomed the suggestion with open arms. It grew from there and now we do it on Fridays too. We ask God to guide us over the weekend. We read from the Bible in Afrikaans, and then translate it into English and South Sotho. We pray and sing in English and South Sotho. Everyone is so enthusiastic about sharing scripture and we bless everyone, Mondays and Fridays.

That specific subdivision was so demotivated, couldn’t work, and was afraid to make decisions because of the investigation. But after we invited God into our workplace and even during the week encouraged one another with God’s Word, the atmosphere changed completely. Despite everything, instead of stress, we experience calm.

There is a feeling of inhuman peace in our building and all of us can feel it. We work in harmony and where this one woman got upset by even the smallest problems, she has grown calmer and we can resolve our differences calmly.


How many stories do we have to tell to know that when we invite God inside, it brings peace. It becomes peaceful. Then stress disappears, even if the circumstances are not so good.

Each of us must make God real more and more and involve Him wherever we go. We need God to bring peace to our world.

And as I type this devotional, my cell phone rings. It’s 06h00. I see it’s my pal and when he calls so early, I know something’s wrong.

He asks for advice and wisdom. There was a break-in at a teacher’s home. Her husband was murdered. Tis on the day that people were requested to wear black to create awareness of all the murders in our country…

And before I become negative, I reread Nadia’s story. We cannot allow the actions of people who mess up like that get us down. Our country and our world need God.

Therefore, each of us needs to live our calling. Through her position, Nadia allowed God to come into her workplace. She was living her calling.

Paul couldn’t stop himself from living his calling: 7This and this only has been my appointed work: getting this news to those who have never heard of God, and explaining how it works by simple faith and plain truth.

And now we get back to ourselves. Are you living your calling there where you work, live and play?


Where is God’s peace required in your world?
What is your calling?
What can you do to bring about God’s peace?


Lord, we need your peace. Our world is such a big mess. We know we cannot make it work. You are the only solution. Please help us to make You part of our world. Please help us to live our calling wherever we go. Amen.